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October 2016.

“There were Goose bumps . . . lots of them . . .”

The Project: Jjenisis Skin Care Rebrand photoshoot

The Location: Private homestead nestled in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

The Brief: Capture the heart of Jjenisis – the celebration of women’s natural beauty and finesse – in images.

On 10 October 2016 we held a photoshoot. On 10 October 2016 there was unexpected interference…goosebumps… lots of them!

Arm hairs standing on end, short shallow breaths being taken, focus and power in every inch of that lovely homestead, and yet the ultimate calm in the air. What we thought would be a simple photoshoot of a gorgeous girl for our new branding turned out to be an empowering collaboration of incredibly talented, beautiful and passionate women.

The perfect balance of strength, vulnerability, sophistication, naivety, patience and respect overwhelmed me. I looked around me at all the beautiful women in the room (and thought fondly of those whom were there in spirit who too had contributed to this awesome project) and I remember thinking ‘THIS is real!’.

Those goosebumps. Those People who believe in our brand. That talent. Right there. Beautiful women each with so much to give, collaborating to bring together this amazing project.

Jjenisis is about creation, it’s about positive change. It’s the creation of the best version of YOU. It’s the creation of confidence, of strength, of deep satisfaction and accomplishment.

Jjenisis is the celebration of what makes you YOU. The celebration of natural beauty, radiance and confidence. I remember thinking ‘This is what awesome feels like’.

Is this about skin care? Yes, it is.  Premium quality skin care.  The best skin care you can use to improve, to enhance, for anti-ageing, and for preserving your beautiful skin naturally and without animal bi products or cruel animal testing.

Is it a little bit more than skin care? My word.  In so many ways. It’s about having choices and extending our moral values.  It’s about protecting what is valuable, celebrating our beauty, and owning our flaws.  It’s that feeling of deep gratitude, of unity, power to our sisters and queens, and absolutely OWNING all of this!

And you know what, it feels amazing!  #keepingitreal #feelamazing #lookamazing #jjenisisskincare

THIS WOMAN – Jacoba (Coby)

As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Coby is the perfect combination of confident and modest, authentic and beautiful.

When we approached Coby with our request to showcase her beauty with our products, we were absolutely honoured when she agreed with her beautiful smile.

We were quick to find out through the grapevine, however, that Coby’s was concerned she wasn’t as beautiful as other models. Enough said, right? This girl is amazing. Studying to be a vet, she’s an animal lover and enthusiast. Ever so humble, modest and a heck of a lot beautiful. This woman is one of the many real and amazing talents behind our venture. #keepingitreal #wesawherfirst 😉


JJENISIS is a premium Australian skin care collection established in the beautiful hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

We believe in the finest quality without compromise to health, wellbeing, environment or our animal comrades.  We all deserve the finest quality.  Whatever stage of life you are at, your constant is YOU, you are ever-present.  Be the best version of you, feel confident, feel empowered, feel amazing.

We believe that we have channelled our passion for nature and all things good and for the love of our amazing selves, into the perfect premium skin care collection.  Find your perfect product combination to inspire confidence and comfort within yourself.

All products are natural, vegan and cruelty free.

Established 2012. Earth Angel Australia Pty Ltd T/as Jjenisis.